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Thordale Stud is a small Icelandic Horse stud situated in Shetland, United Kingdom.

The Icelandic horses are carefully chosen and originally imported from Iceland.

The horses are trained by FEIF Riding Instructor/Trainer Level 3, Bjørn Roar Larsen, to be ridden by anyone, show clear gaits and to make good riding, show or competition horses.


Bjørn Roar Larsen is a FEIF Riding Instructor/Trainer Level 3 for Icelandic horses from Norway, although he now lives in Shetland.

Bjørn has competed in National & International Icelandic competitions, including the World Championship 1995 (9th overall), 1997 (Bronze medal for 5 gait and Combination) and 2001 (13th/16th). Bjørn has trained & shown many Icelandic horses in Norway during 1995 - 2009.


Frances Taylor
Thordale, Walls, Shetland ZE2 9PE
United Kingdom

Tel: 01595 809 432



Thordale horses and ponies are kept in herds in big fields with available shelter, living as natural a life as possible.

The Shetland environment is very similar to Iceland and the equines show no sweetitch or summer excema.


Sending horses to the UK mainland is not difficult. The horses are used to travelling long distances and seem to cope remarkably well.

They travel on the ferry (a 12 hr trip) in livestock containers. Horse transporters collect them from the port at Aberdeen.