Efstur from Thordale
Hjalti from Thordale
Taktur frá Velli II
Hetja frá Skeiðháholti

Icelandic Horses



Taktur frá Velli II

DOB: 15.06.2009
Black, no white markings (Brúnn)
BLUP: 108
4 gaited

Sire: IS1991157345 - Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum
Dam: IS2000225599 - Tíbrá frá Hafnarfirði

2015 GB Ranking
7th -V1 Four Gait (rider Bjørn Roar Larsen)
12th - T1 Tölt (rider Bjørn Roar Larsen)

An incredibly mature and kind stallion who enjoys learning all the time.

Taktur did very well at the 2015 British Championships, taking everything in his stride. This was his first time out and the Icelandic judges remarked on his future potential.

This 4 gaited stallion has big movements and an exceptional temperament.



Hetja frá Skeiðháholti

DOB: 15.06.2002 - 13 years old
Chestnut with a blaze (
BLUP: 104
5 gaited

Sire: IS1996187900 - Hrói frá Skeiðháholti 
Dam: IS1991287901 - Fríða frá Skeiðháholti

A superb, generous, mare who has a wonderful temperament as well as an incredible trot. She has a quiet dignity about her, while being a careful mother.

She is large and strong with a beautiful neck and head. Very striking.





Brá frá Reykjavík

DOB: 15.06.2001
Red bay no white markings (Rauðjörp)
BLUP: 106
5 gaited

Sire: IS1993186930 - Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum
Dam: IS1989258435 - Björk frá Kýrholti

Newly imported from Norway, though originally from Iceland, this mare has been running with, and confirmed pregnant, Álfur frá Selfossi (IS2002187662).

With huge, but careful anticipation, we look forward to her foal this May.





Hjalti from Thordale

DOB: 24.06.2015
Chestnut gelding with a blaze
BLUP: 106
4 gaited

Sire: IS2009180242 -Taktur frá Velli II
IS2002287901 - Hetja frá Skeiðháholti

To date, we have seen some lovely gaits with good flowing movement. Hjalti is a powerful yearling gelding. He is strong and well built and very similar to his mother and a fantastic temperament. Easy to work with and a quick learner.

This is our first home-bred Icelandic foal in Shetland - we are naturally very proud of him.



Efstur from Thordale

DOB: 21.05.2016
Chestnut gelding with a star

BLUP: tbc
5 gaited

Sire: IS2002187662 - Álfur frá Selfossi
IS2002287901 - Brá frá Reykjavík

This five gaited colt has huge potential. He has the wow factor. Already showing natural tölt while beautifully balanced. Lovely clever temperament with willingness.

Tölt - a natural 4-beat gait, ridden at any speed, with the same footfalls as walk, resulting in a smooth, comfortable yet powerful ride.

Pace (skeið ) - a lateral gait used for speed & racing, giving a feeling of flying (flugskeið) when all four legs are off the ground.


The Icelandic Horse is known for its genetic purity. There have been no imported horses to Icelandic since 982AD.

Genetic analysis shows links between Mongolian, Fjord, Exmoor, Scottish Highland, Shetland & Connemara breeds.


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