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The Minions - In January 2014, having sold the majority of my standard Shetland pony stud stock, I suddenly found myself rescuing 3 dying Shetland pony foals.

In December 2014, another little colt foal was added to the bunch. In the Spring of 2016 we were asked to take an orphan colt foal, and later a Facebook "free-to-a-good-home" colt foal bringing the total up to 6 little Minions.

These little ponies have a home for life here at Thordale.

Senior Citizens - 3 special Shetland ponies were retained, when the Shetland pony stud was sold.

They are mares here for their retirement.

You may recognise Fivla and Vitamin from the "Shetland Ponies in Sweaters" VisitScotland Tourist Campaign.

Senior Citizens

Millhouse Raw Deal - "Delia"
(AB0790 M97 461)

40" Black Registered Mare
Born: 17.05.92

By Millhouse Victory (003646)
Out of Millhouse Rita (015053)

Champion - Royal Highland Show 1996









Millhouse Vitamin - "Minnie"
(M99-520 AD2592)

39" Black Registered Mare
Born: 14.06.94

By Stow Review (004278)
Out of Millhouse Velma (015565)









Fivla of Finnister - "Fivvie"

36" Grey Registered Mare
Born: 10.04.96

By Orgill of Mousa 3852
Out of Firthside Sylvana














The Minions

Northharrier Silver

34.5″ Standard Grey Registered Gelding
Born: 09.05.2013

By Zeal of Houlland 03979S
Out of Serena of Musselbrough AC1441/M97-122










Bergli Waffle

34" Standard Black Registered Gelding
Born: 19.05.2013

By Wulfert V.D. Groote Woerd 51119553
Dam Merkisayre Joanne AU1418/M14









Benstonholm Storm

31.5" Miniature Skewbald Registered Gelding
Born: 05.05.2013

By Romany Konrad AG1340/S99-083-
Out of Benstonholm Nightshade AU0756/M13









Bayhall Stardust - "Tiddles"


31.75" Miniature Skewbald Registered Gelding
Born: 08.05.2014

By Blacktown Genius AN0317/S05-092
Out of Bayhall Kia-Ora AQ0433/M08









Burland Albie

Miniature Skewbald Registered Gelding
Born: 28.04.2016

By Redcedar Firefly Bobby - AP0304/S05-048
Out of Hilda of Kirkatown - ARO427/M08











Benstonholm Viking - "Newt"

Miniature Chestnut Registered Gelding
Born: 12.05.16

By Benstonholm Hugo - AN0902/S06-017
Out of Benstonholm Kassy - AR0323/M11

Northharrier Silver
Bergli Waffle
Benstonholm Storm
Bayhall Stardust

Shetland Ponies in Sweaters

For the whole story of how Fivla and Vitamin came to model Fair Isle sweaters for Visit Scotland - go to ......

MyShetland Blog

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Millhouse Raw Deal
Millhouse Vitamin
Fivla of Finnister


Small ponies have lived in Shetland for over 2000 years. These hardy little ponies are strong with heavy coats and short legs.

Used for driving, riding and pack purposes.

Standard Shetland ponies: 35" - 42"

Miniature Shetland ponies: 34" or under

Benstonholm Viking